Building & Safety


The City of Canyon Lake contracts with Charles Abbott Associates for Building & Safety services.  The Building and Safety Department is open for public services Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Appointments may be available at other times.  During these hours, the Department accepts applications for permits and plan checks, processes permits and answers questions from the public.  The Building Inspector is available for questions during these hours.

Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday and there are no set appointment times for inspections.  Please call (951) 244-2955 x210 to request an inspection one business day prior to the day the inspection is needed.


Plans submitted for plan check need two complete sets of documents including plans, engineering calculations, energy calculations, truss calculations, and soils and compaction reports (if applicable).  An additional set of partial plans, including the site and floor plans, is required to be provided prior to approval for the County Assessors office.  Plan check will take approximately ten working days for the first review of the documents.  Subsequent reviews will be done in five working days.


Prior to issuing a permit, the applicants need to provide approval of the project from the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association (POA) if there is any exterior work involved, including grading, retaining walls, reroofing or other exterior modifications.


Development Impact fees are collected at permit issuance.  The completed list of all subcontractors that worked on the job must also be provided prior to final to verify that they have all obtained the required city business license.