City Committees

Canyon Lake's Committees comprise of its own elected officials who love and are passionate about their city's future, and are committed to applying best business practices to improve the governance and operations of Canyon Lakes' city government.  They serve our fellow citizens by offering their own management services, based on their extensive and diverse experience, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government.  Their objective is to maximize the “return on investment” to the taxpayer as the City adopts their effective practices and is able to offer the best services they can to the community.


Since there inception, the committee members have researched and analyzed city financial information, policy documents & procedures, and held many meetings with City staff to understand how the City of Canyon Lake runs its business.  Their practice is to present their findings, in the spirit of collaboration to city staff, community leaders, and citizens at large with the aim of introducing innovation, new approaches and continuous improvement to city operations and services.