Code Compliance

As citizens of the City of Canyon Lake, we owe it to ourselves and to our neighbors to maintain our homes and businesses in a manner, which has a positive effect on the overall appearance of our City.  Many such code violations are referred to as “public nuisances”, and have a negative impact on property values or the enjoyment and safety of our community.  Through voluntary compliance, cooperation, and a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of our community, conditions that create code violations can be eliminated and the program will succeed in making the City of Canyon Lake an even better place to live. 


The basis of the Code Enforcement program rests upon each of us acting as good neighbors.  We all have property rights that protect us; however, the term “property rights” also implies that a property owner has certain responsibilities.
The Canyon Lake Municipal Code is the grouping of ordinances which are adopted by the City Council.  The provisions of these Codes, and all proceedings under it, are to be constructed with a view to affect their objects and to promote justice.
If you are uncertain that a code violation has occurred, feel free to contact Code Enforcement Officer or you may download a violation report form to mail or email to City Hall.