The Finance functions of the City are performed by contractors from the office of Rogers, Anderson, Malody and Scott, LLP.  The department is responsible for the systems and procedures that assure the sound and efficient functioning of the City's financial activities, which include financial reporting, assist in preparing the Annual Operating Budget, internal auditing, payroll, accounts receivable/payable, purchasing, and administration of all City funds and accounts.  
The flow of financial activities begins with a plan (budget).  The plan is then implemented and the transactions recorded (accounting); and the results are reported (financial statements).  In addition, when actual financial transactions occur, the Finance Department must see that all monies due the City are collected, and all City liabilities are paid on time.  The department also keeps an accurate record of all financial transactions, generates interim financial reports, and produces audited financial statements at the end of each fiscal year.  More specifically, it prepares the City's payroll; it bills, collects, accounts for City taxes, and maintains a file of the City government's fixed assets.
To continue to maintain the City in a sound financial condition by managing its financial affairs comprehensively and prudently.