Permits, Forms & Applications


 Multipurpose Room Procedures

The City’s multipurpose room (1,400 sq. ft.) is available for meetings, gatherings, parties or business purposes.  Non profit organizations and Canyon Lake Clubs and organizations may qualify for discounted rates.  The room can be booked through City Hall at (951) 244-2955.
The application is available online to print and mail or deliver to City Hall located at: 31516 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake, CA 92587.

 Special Events Permit Procedures

If you are planning a party or gathering whether at your home or the facilities here in Canyon Lake, you need to apply for a Special Events Permit.
The City of Canyon Lake has requirements for a permit for all gatherings of 50 or more individuals.  The application must be completed one month before an event is planned.  Applications are available online to print and should be delivered or mailed to City Hall.  Call (951) 244-2955 for more information.