General Questions


 What is the difference between the City and the POA?

The City Council is the elected body of City Government. The City Council is a five member, non-partisan board, elected at large from the citizens of Canyon Lake. The City Council is responsible for formulating the policies for the City and approving the major actions through which the municipal functions are conducted. The Property Owner’s Association (POA) is a private entity. For more information on the POA visit them at


 When does my City Council meet?

The first Wednesday of every month beginning at 6:30 p.m. For more information or to obtain an agenda visit our City Clerk’s page.


 Who do I call if my neighbor has a recreational vehicle parked out on the street?

Call the Property Owner’s Association at (951) 244-6841 ext. 410 which is Community Patrol, US Security.


 What if I experience a pot hole on Railroad Canyon Road?

We want to know about it, please call City Hall at (951) 244-2955. Depending on the severity and number of pot holes the City will call their contractor to come out and repair the pot hole(s).


 My daughter is getting married and I need to rent a facility, who do I call?

Call the Property Owners Association at (951) 244-6841 ext. 610 for rental opportunities within the gates.  Call City Hall at (951) 244-2955 for the city's multi-purpose room located at City Hall.  Additionally a special events permit is required from City Hall.  An application can be obtained online or by visiting City Hall at 31516 Railroad Canyon Road.